Election 2016 Voting Day: You for Follow These 7 Steps

Election 2016 Voting Day: You for Follow These 7 Steps

As you know, e left like some 7 days to the election, it go be cool say make we go through the voting steps so say you no go fe see top for the polling station on voting day. So make you follow these 7 Steps on the voting day:

1. On 7th December, 2016 from 7am, take your Voters’ ID card then go the Polling Station way you register for. If you no get ID card too ah make you no worry. You fit mention your name and dem go search you for the register inside.
We beg, if you go the voting place and queue dey aa, make you no jump am. Wey if you dey queue inside and some pregnant woman, or old person bi come ah, make u allow am to vote before e go catch your turn.

2. If it catch your turn for the line inside ah wey the EC people check your name for the register inside wey you dey there, dem go ask say you for verify from the verification machine.

3. Then dem go issue you with a Presidential Ballot Paper. You for check the paper see say e no get any mark for top and if stamp dey the paper e back anaa. This year, dem say make the people wey dey tear the ballot paper wave am for the air inside like handkerchief so say e go show say ebe only one ballot paper dem tear. So if you see say the EC people dey wave the paper, no be say dem want do you roff. ebe new law. Take am like that.

4. Now make you take the ballot paper and go the voting box inside then go vote for the one you want. 7 people go dey the ballot paper top. So make you vote give the one you want make e chop President. Then make you fold the paper vertically first so say the ink no go make your vote yawa…

5. Now make you look for the box wey dem mark Presidential Ballot Box then put your vote inside. But that no be all ooo. You for go vote give your MP too.

6. Go back to the EC people dema table make dem give you the Parliamentary Ballot Paper. Then make you vote give the person you want make e chop MP. Fold your paper like the way you do am for the Presidential then go put for the Parliamentary Ballot box inside.

7. Now make you lef go house or if ebe work or school you for go ah make you go. You no for stand the Polling Station. ebe only security men dem fit stand there till the voting is over. But if you dey love ah, you fit return to the polling station like 5pm evening tee den come hear the results for where you vote for.

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