Electoral Commission do YAWA! SEE How dem spell media people dema NAMES

Electoral Commission do YAWA! SEE How dem spell media people dema NAMES

E check like wanna Electoral Commission for dey answer why dem make some yawa mistakes as dem try print media people wey dem go cover the elections, dema name tags.

Yestee, e come out say chao of the accreditation tags dem print for CITI FM like this, chao mistakes dey top. Make you check this; dem spell Richard Sky then Umaru Sanda dema names as Richard Sly and Sandra Amadu respectively. Sandra paa de3 someway.

As if that no be enough, even the Nana for Nana Boakye e name sef dem no fe get am correct.

15171279_10154747335047402_3846882287484682063_n 15250696_10154535891720310_34740437025496637_o 15288716_10154535891955310_8216309870346138944_o

The one wey e bore people wey e surprise dem at the same time be Samini Wiafe as dem try say dem go spell Sammy Wiafe, who also dey work for the same station. As e happen, den people dey ask for social media say since when Samini start dey host reggae and dancehall show for CITI FM wey e no tell anybro.

So far, e check like people no sh3da dey agree say Madam Charlotte Osei e people do good job. All dem dey talk be say, EC do yawa. Slowwww koraaa

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