Mahama dey go Central Region go campaign

Mahama dey go Central Region go campaign

Mahama dey go Central Region again after the chao times wey e go there this year.

Mahama e tour go be two days as e dey try get some last minute vim for there. That place, the way dem dey vote, sometimes e be someway; dem fe to change dema mind rough rough so the parties all make wild say dem too no go dull.

E be just last week wey wanna Vice President Amissah Arthur go there; he spend like five days.

Mahama go take advantage of the tour then commission eight community day schools then other things wey e government dey do for there.

Wanna President go hold rallies, too, as e dey there.

Ghana go vote on December 7. So far, as things dey go, e check like e bi only Mahama then NPP dema Akufo-Addo wey people dey talk say dem go get chao votes.

As dem jie Akua Donkor then Ayariga dems for the Presidential inside, people dey talk say e check like now the thing come turn serious business.

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