NPP go take Cocaine money run Ghana – Koku Anyidoho

NPP go take Cocaine money run Ghana – Koku Anyidoho

NDC dema Deputy General Secretary Koko Anyidoho say the way NPP dey promise things as the elections dey come, e no sure say dem go get money do them.

Anyidoho talk for Starr FM the Friday say you check the way the NPP dey promise chao things, e go hard say dem go find money do then kind projects, we e talk add say as he then some people know say NPP bi cocaine party, e no go be surprising if dem use cocaine money run the economy.

He talk Morning Starr host Nii Arday Clegg say e still no dey barb why after all the challenge wey e throw give NPP dema running mate Bawumia, the jigga no wan come face am. E san talk say, the way e dey figure the thing, e check like Bawumia dey fear am.

Anyidoho go the station top as e party pay for the airtime; dem pay for other stations, too. For an hour, e talk why people for vote give e party. As e get some small chance, e tear tear give Bawumia. The way e tear am de3 e check like Bawumia chop e something.

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