People dey jealous me – Woyome

People dey jealous me – Woyome

‘Big man’ Alfred Agbesi Woyome say chao people for Ghana dey jealous am that be why dem dey talk e matter.

Saturday for JOY FM dema Newsfile show top, Woyome say secof ‘Babylon’ people dema susupon, dem wan do am yawa.

Old boy e whole matter be say secof undergee moves wey people dey pick on am as e get issues with the state over the 51 million dollar yawa wey e pai, e go hard say Ghana go get the kind of development wey we for get.

For like two weeks this, Woyome bore on some levels; e dey blast people gididgidi. The other day, e storm CITI FM dema studios like some Rambo bi wey e talk e mind wey e lef. From chao of the interviews e dey grant of late, he either dey blast the host or e go take on the people wey dem dey talk e matter. The other day, e say e know how some lawyer bi make e money so the Lawyer for shut up. E talk so as another 35 million dollar matter come up wey dem dey talk so e hand dey inside. Oh chale…

The way things dey go, e check like jigga tire from how people dey mention e name left, right.

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