Grammy Awards do Stonebwoy den Black Prophet setey!

Grammy Awards do Stonebwoy den Black Prophet setey!

Today the Grammy Academy announce the nominees for this year e event, wey people like Beyoncé, Drake, Rihanna, Kanye West den Chance the Rapper get plenty nominations.

For de reggae category, den plenty Ghanaians dey want see wanna own Stonebwoy den Black Rasta, but ebi like the people do dem setey.

Sometime back, den both Ghana people get plenty vim say this year dierr dem wanna people go fe get nominations, especially for social media. Stonebwoy dierr, den rumour sef pai say he secure nomination already, but today de list come, people search demma name for inside saaa dem no see notin.

So right now ebi Rocky Dawuni p3 wey ebi Ghanaian wey eget nomination. But no shaking, more vim dey. Next year, something positive fit happen.

This be the FULL LIST. You too fe go through see say you go see demma names ah.

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