Mahama say make we all fast for 3 days

Mahama say make we all fast for 3 days

President Mahama say make we all do fasting till Sunday. E say as the elections dey come, e go hia say we no go chop chao, so say God go fe see us through.

The fasting start today. Chao people say e be nice waa wey others too say dem no dey see why dem for not chop secof elections.

But Mahama say as the whole world dey watch Ghana, e go be cool say nothing gidigidi go happen for here that be why e dey call for the prayers den fasting.

Ghana go vote December 7. So far, ebe Mahama e NDC then e main opponent Akufo-Addo e NPP wey people dey talk say dem go get chao votes.

NPP say Ghanaians go vote for dem secof dem tire for Mahama e hand. Mahama, too, dey talk say the chao things e do like the ‘Dubai’ wey e dey Nkrumah Circle, be reasons why people go vote for am.

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