Nana Addo be fearoo… he dey fear debate – Mahama

Nana Addo be fearoo… he dey fear debate – Mahama

E be like the NCCE/GBC debate wey Akufo-Addo no go, e pain wanna President, Mahama.

Friday for some rally under for Volta Region, e talk e party people say e no dey tiase3 why Akufo-Addo dey run away from am, wey e add say e study am aaa e naaa see say Akufo-Addo be fearoo.

E say Akufo-Addo dey fear say e go debate am that be why e dey do pilolo with am anytime dem go talk say some debate pai.

Mahama talk say the other day as the NCCE/GBC organize dema debate, then e try understand why Akufo-Addo no come but e naaa think about am later wey e say say the NPP dema leader dey fear.

E say instead say Akufo-Addo go come face am, e dey walk walk from radio station to another wey e naaa dey tear e own NCCE/GBC debate. Mahama say that move be slow koraaa. Wanna President san laugh Akufo-Addo sef atta che; e say as e go the radio stations for e one-man debate, e be American slangs sef wey e go speak for there.

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