SOMEWAY! CNN Say we dey queue before we dey get Cho for Ghana

SOMEWAY! CNN Say we dey queue before we dey get Cho for Ghana

CNN do yawa wey e no fine. Dema report on Akufo-Addo e win no be only yawa, e be chao nonsense, people dey talk.

As dem do dema report, dem talk say as we dey Ghana, what we go chop sef bi problem, wey dem san talk say e do aaa we dey queue before we dey get cho chop.

The matter no jom chao people wey dem go dey Twitter dey blast the yankee station. Chao dey talk say CNN for get dema facts right wey others too dey talk say dem just no dey pet we so dem for apologize.

This no be the first time wey CNN or any other international station dey do yawa; e be normal thing as more times either dem go talk something dem no know or dem go sit Yankee write something wey e no be reality on the ground.

People say dem just dey wedge say dem go apologize for this yawa. #CNNgetitright

PS ( We kai something)

Or e be like dem want talk say people dey queue for waakye or tuo zaafi or shinkaafa? Oh if e be so de3 then e ebe normal koraa. In fact for Ghana here, if line no dey your cho top, e be yawa and that one everybro know.

But again, we know sure say ebe so dem wan talk. All dem wan talk be say we be say what we dey chop every day sef be problem. E no be true. #CNNgetitright

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