NAM 1 say Jesus be CHAAAMPION as e win case for Dubai

NAM 1 say Jesus be CHAAAMPION as e win case for Dubai

Menzgold then Zylofon dema CEO, Nana Appiah Mensah say Jesus shock am waaa.

Mr Mensah go flow Jesus fans for Instagram as some court for Dubai talk say the company e then dem get matter, for pay am all the money.

As dem chop the matter finish, e no kyɛɛ biaa wey e go Instagram, the social media place wey secof the matter, e no fe post anything for there for some time now.

Yestee, some new details come say even though e chop the case clean, e for wedge like one month before e go fe lef Dubai secof the people too get one month to appeal the matter.

If within one month dem no fe appeal, then e go fe lef come Ghana.

As the matter come, more Menzgold customers dey pray say dem still go get the monies. As things happen now, e check like dem for wedge small then see what go happen.

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